Land Protection

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Land protection is a critical tool by which Ducks Unlimited conserves waterfowl habitat throughout North America. DU protects land through several means including acquisitions, conservation easements and revolving lands strategy.

DU owns limited amounts of land in key areas to address specific waterfowl conservation needs.

Land Acquisition

In special cases, where intact waterfowl habitat is at imminent risk, DU may seek to acquire the property. Once purchased, the habitat is restored & conservation easements are placed on the land to perpetually protect its resource values. 

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Conservation easements can meet the needs of interested owners of working farms, ranches, timberlands, sporting properties and recreational lands, who wish to protect valuable natural resources while retaining ownership of the property. 

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Revolving Land

In locations where wildlife habitat has been degraded & the land is for sale, DU will seek to acquire it. Once purchased, the habitat will be restored and easements will be placed on land to perpetually protect resource values. 

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